Memories With KxS reserves the the right to change, amend and modify on any parts of the policies and packages.


Booking is to be made 2 weeks in advance. Any less will be an additional cost of $15. All based on our availability. This is to prevent any delays for the setup and encourage a smooth transaction with our customers.


There is a maximum of 4 hours booking. Any less will still be charged at the same price.

Subsequent hours will be charged at $10/hr.

Subsequent hours at 0000hrs-0700hrs will be charged at $20/hr.


Any venue is allowed for a picnic setup.

However, Curtain Canopy/Teepee Tent Add-Ons are not to be included for picnic setups at Marina Barrage, Gardens By The Bay & Botanical Gardens.

Pallets and crates are not to be used on Marina Barrage grounds due to their new regulations.

Do take note that we will charge an additional cost of $15 for venues located at Sentosa.


Public Holidays are an additional cost of $10 to your booking.

Do check with us on our availability during public holidays. It is best to book in advance during these dates due to limited booking slots.

Since it is indeed the holidays, most of the picnic venues or preferred locations would be packed.

We can only try our best to prepare the setup beforehand to ensure that our customers get a good view.


You can check out our food packages to save yourself some hassle on the big day.

You are able to bring your own food too! However, be mindful that we provide Halal-based services and you are to bring your own tablewares (for any non-halal goods and alcoholic drinks). We would greatly appreciate and seek for your understanding on this.


We do not cater for wet weather program. We encourage our customers to pick a spot nearby a shelter in case of wet weather.

We will still be able to setup the theme according to our customer’s needs. However, we are not responsible for any contingencies made midway of the event.


Do note that our prices are not inclusive of our delivery/setup service charges. Booking confirmation will only be made once full payment has been transacted.

Once payment has been made, cancellations are not allowed and the booking is non-refundable.

Booking details are not to be modified once payment has been made (applies to downpayment too). Additional charges will be applied for any booking modifications (only due to certain circumstances where we rightfully accept) . Any difference of costs are non-refundable.

Full payment is to be made latest 2 weeks before the event to avoid extra charges.

For a total due that exceeds more than $150, deposit of $50 can be made to reserve dates, before 2 weeks prior to the event date. Dates are only reserved after payment is made.


All of our colour schemes are fixed as of what is displayed on our site. Our setups are not as accurate as shown in our themes due to a lot of improv. Requests for customisation really depends on what themes our customers are going for.

We are able to cater as long as we have the elements/ add-ons needed to match their preferred theme. Prices may vary depending on the add-ons.